The big to-do list before birth

The later part of pregnancy is spent often in nest building. Everything must be ready for the baby’s arrival, and you examine your brain over and over again: Did you remember it all?

Here you get a 3 months baby essentials to-do list of the purchases that are “need to have” and “nice to have” when you come home from the delivery room with the baby.

You will thank yourself if you have the following equipment for baby ready before birth

  • Baby Car Seat
    For when you have to drive the baby home from the hospital.
  • Changing table and changing pad
    Make sure it is water-repellent.
  • Diapers
    Do not buy too many until you know what size to go for
  • Disposable washcloths or wet wipes
  • A washbasin – if you choose to use disposable washcloths
    Consider a simple, small tub instead of a head/tail dish. It is limited how often you have to wipe the baby in the head the first time.
  • Cloth diapers
    At least 30 (you can not get too many – you still can not bear to wash all the time).
  • Thermometer
    For the ear or bottom. The latter is the most accurate.
  • Zinc Ointment – For a red butt.
  • Baby Salve / Vaseline – To protect the buttocks and for the thermometer.
  • Swabs – Initially to clean the baby’s navel.
  • Bathtub – However, the baby should not take a bath until the umbilical stump has fallen off.
  • Baby carriage
  • Clothing
    Lots of short and long-sleeved bodysuits, soft trousers, socks, tights, cotton overalls/nightgowns, hat, knit sweater, possibly. fleece flight suit and mittens. Expect your baby to vomit or ‘shit through’ up to several times a day, so it’s good to have enough change of clothes.
  • Have different types of lying, so you can try your hand at it.
  • Baby Bottles
  • Including mattress, rain cover and mosquito net if it is summer.
  • Lift or wax bag
  • Baby Quilt
  • Including two or three sets of bedding
  • Nursing bras
  • They can be difficult to buy before the milk runs out and you know how big your breasts will be. But have a few pieces lying around that your boyfriend can drive over and swap if they do not fit).
  • Large sanitary napkins
  • You probably bleed a lot after giving birth.

Great tips when shopping for baby equipment

There are many websites where parents buy and sell good and used equipment for children. Read here how to shop baby equipment safely online.

Most parents buy too much (often clothes) because the child grows so fast. Limit yourselves, because the child does not care about his choice of clothes. Also read: Avoid buying children’s clothes incorrectly

Most children start with size 56, which can be used for 1-2 weeks. Then size 62 might be the one that lasts a little longer.

If you use a dryer, be aware that the clothes are creeping – especially cotton clothes. For baby essentials product recommendation check out nylille.com.