Population Statistics




…..and other Random Info you need to know


  • New York City is a long way from the biggest city on the planet, very sixteenth place at just shy of 8.5 million individuals, however after Shenzhen: China, Tokyo: Japan, Jakarta: Indonesia, Seoul: South Korea, and Instanbul: Turkey.
  • In 2006, 2.6 billion individuals, or 40% of the total populace, lived on under $2 a day, with 1 billion of them getting by on the edges of subsistence with under $1 a day.
  • The biggest traveler airplane terminal IN THE WORLD is really Atlanta, at more than 89 million travelers in 2007 and more than 90 million in 2008. The second biggest traveler air terminal on the planet is Chicago O’Hare at more than 76 million travelers in 2007 however just 69 million in 2008. Actually, the United States regulates four of the seven biggest air terminals on the planet, and 16 of the 30 biggest air terminals on the planet. (source: Airport Council International)
  • The port of Singapore got very nearly 28 million compartments in 2007, making it the biggest holder port on the planet. Shanghai, China was in second place at 26 million. The Los Angeles and Long Beach, California holder ports COMBINED approached a little more than 15 million compartments in 2007.

Enough of the overwhelming stuff – here for a couple FUN FACTS:

  • In Los Angeles, there are less individuals than there are cars.
  • Most lipstick contains angle scales.

Yes, the present minute is exceptionally special…in only one moment the whole world will change directly before your eyes. Pause for a minute to inhale and settle on beyond any doubt your decisions bolster the world in which we live and our more noteworthy groups.