This is an official website of Georgia and provides statistics about various aspects of the state. The purpose of our website is to disseminate useful and high quality data and statistics as collected by various state offices in accordance with Georgia Legislation. All our procedures of data collection, analysis, reporting and disseminating are guided by the principles below;

Scientific Integrity

The collection and interpretation of statistical data is done using the latest internationally accepted scientific methods and technology. Using methods and systems that are updated and secure ensures that our information is of high quality, is unbiased and is a true reflection of the actual status. Randomized sampling, alternative question wording and other internationally accepted methods of data collection ensure that biases are avoided. Once the data is collected, it is analyzed and interpreted using acceptable standards and with an understanding of various data properties. Furthermore, we always strive to ensure that our methodology and systems keeps improving and thereby improving the quality and accuracy of our statistics. The principles of scientific integrity adhered to by our office is in line with the standards of scientific integrity as outlined by the National Research Council and United Nations Statistics Commission.

However, in as much as the latest methodology and technology is used to collect and analyze the data, the information does include an aspect of error within internationally accepted statistical standards.

Professional Independence

As a key principle in our data collection and interpretation, all our information is handled in the highest integrity and professionalism. Our office is independent of influence from political interests or any other interests. The systems used are well audited and the checks and balances ensure that the integrity of the information is of the highest standards and that the information is disseminated equally to the public in its entirety and at the same time.


All confidential information that is either collected directly by our office or is sourced from other agencies is only used for statistical purposes and such information will not be used or disseminated for non statistical purposes or used in a manner that is illegal or that breaches the confidentiality.


Our office works hand in hand with other state and federal government agencies to verify or complement our data. Some of the federal statistical bureaus that partner with our office include the Bureau of Economic Analysis, Bureau of Labor Statistics, National Center for Health Statistics, Office of Research, Evaluation, and Statistics, Statistics of Income Division, Energy Information Administration and the Economic Research Service. We also partner with other divisions within the state of Georgia that deal with data collection. All partnerships are conducted as directed by Georgia Legislation, US Federal laws and best practice.

About Us – Source of Information

The office uses various acceptable methodologies to collect the data used for our statistics. These sources include;

Survey Statistics – Our office is continually conducting surveys using various methods including telephone calls, interviews at immigration office and distribution of questioners.

Population Census – The state of Georgia does conduct a population census in line with the Federal Census Bureau. The population census is conducted once every decade – on the tenth year. The last census was conducted in 2010 and the next census will be conducted in 2020.

Secondary Data – Our office does also use data collected from various government and private institutes. The use of secondary data is in line with acceptable statistical standards.

Analysis of Data – Once we have collected data from various sources, we process the data using internationally accepted procedures so as to develop statistics and reports that are useful to all consumers and the general public.